Unlocking the potential for growth and prosperity

Kinesis Group LLC is an advisory firm that supports high-potential entrepreneurs in frontier markets who have a vision for, and commitment to, innovation to increase their levels of productivity, global competitiveness, and to achieve sustainable levels of growth.

Our mission is to advance the power of connection

Kinesis complements this advisory work with the CEO Roundtable, a leadership training platform and coaching program delivered through a trusted community of peers, global thought-leaders, and leading-edge resources.

How We Work

Kinesis specializes in developing innovation expertise in leaders who are seeking paths to explosive, dynamic growth for their companies. We help these entrepreneurs build relationships with external partners in order to access finance, new sources of knowledge, and entry to new markets. Kinesis also advises public sector and multinational agencies on policies and strategies that foster investments in innovation as a key driver of growth.

Our Philosophy

We believe in


That build economic value for all parties and contribute to rising prosperity.


Who create unique value for their customers, generate a sustainable profit, invest in and promote their employees, and respect their future impact on generations to come.

Capacity Building

Across the private sector to build knowledge, people skills, and an environment for innovative business solutions to emerge.

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Our Team

Julie Kennedy

Julie started her career as an entrepreneur, founding and leading AMERICA SCORES, a US-based educational non-profit organization. She has since built her career managing international projects…
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Mollie Ring
Senior Vice President, Knowledge

Mollie started her career in the NGO humanitarian sector, doing strategic communications and program evaluation for the International Rescue Committee. She became interested in…
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Carmen Lucia Salguero
Strategic Partnerships

Carmen brings twenty years of experience in the field of human development, public policy and policy analysis. She has served as an advisor to the United Nations System, international…
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Our Advisors

``Prosperity is the ability of an individual, group, or nation to provide shelter, nutrition, and other material goods that enable people to live a good life, according to their own definition. Prosperity helps create space in people's hearts and minds so that they may develop a healthy emotional and spiritual life, according to their preferences, unfettered by the everyday concern of the material goods they require to survive.``

– Michael Fairbanks